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    Located in the heart of Dubai Media City, U.A.E., Mindloop is known within the market place as more than just being about the technical business of recording sound and music.

    Mindloop is serious about music and audio solutions. It’s about originality, innovation, imagination, creativity and the odd spark of pure genius that could lift any project to a higher level. In addition, Mindloop prides itself on a high level of focus on customer retention and delivering excellent service.

    Mindloop offers total audio solutions. This includes either composing an original score to an epic cinema commercial; clearing the next music synchronization request for a song of your choice, or a cunning bit of voice selection for an on-hold service. Our approach and results are always fresh, engaging and totally professional, delivering consistent satisfaction to our partners.

    Our approach and results are always fresh, engaging and totally professional, delivering consistent satisfaction to our partners.

    Operating successfully since 2001, Mindloop Studios have enjoyed delivering excellent products and service to their clients, who include some of the region’s leading advertising agencies, production/record & publishing companies, broadcasters and marketers. As a result, Mindloop has created music and sound design for well over 1000 commercials, countless artists, and events during that time. Please see our show reel.

    Mindloop Studios has within its facilities a range of dynamic musicians and composers. Whether it’s on a full time or on a freelance basis, it all comes together as needed for any project. Mindloop also boast 3 fully digital studios running both Protools and Logic Studio as well as a wide range of analog outboard gear to fit all your needs.

    Meet the team
  • The Studios

    Studio 1

    ProTools HD 2

    Logic Studio 9

    Studio 2

    ProTools Digi003

    Logic Studio 9

    Studio 3

    M-Audio Firewire 1814

    Logic Studio 9

    Live Rooms

    Shure KSM 44

    Shure KSM 32

    2 x SM 57 + 58

    DMK 57 - 52 Drum Mic Kit

  • Services

    For over 10 years mindloop studios has been ensuring excellent service quality and maintaining a high level of customer retention. Our clients include some of the regions largest and most innovative agencies, radio/TV, record companies etc.

    Besides preparing a mean espresso, here are some of the services on offer at Mindloop:

    Original music composition, production, and sound design*
    Artist Music production, recording, and sound engineering
    Full local and international Voiceover services
    Sound effects and sound designing services
    Sonic Branding
    IVR production
    Location recording
    Band recording, production, & mixing
    Podcast production
    Video editing facilities
    FCP video editing
    Music synchronization**

    ** Mindloop works with all the major music & publishing companies to ensure we try and clear the song of your choice for your next TVC, film or radio spot

    * Everything from 20 sec TVCs to Full Feature Film Soundtracks

    Check out our YouTube channel that includes some of finest works.

  • Music Composition and Sound Design

    Please send us an email requesting a general overview of our work, or any specific genre or work we have created.

    Alternatively, for sample of our work, please visit our YouTube page.

  • Voice Over Bank

    Please fill in our Voice Over Bank request form, or simply drop us an email at nada@mindloopstudios.com with your request, and we will get right back to you with the best Voiceover options for your job.

  • Contact Us

    Please contact us by filling the form below:

    Mindloop Studios
    Dubai Media City
    Building 2, Office 600
    P.O.Box 72280
    Dubai, UAE

    Tel: +971 4 391 4111
    Fax: +971 4 391 4112

Music Composition and Sound Design

Music Composition and Sound Design

Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3 | Coming Soon
Live Room

The Team


Ahmad, Managing Director at Mindloop Studios since 2004 a veteran of the business and heads Mindloop. Ahmad has been composing and producing music for all facets of the Media industry for over 10 years. During these years, he has composed music for TV commercials, TV shows, feature films, short films, computer games, and corporate Events. Ahmad was also a signed artist under the multinational record label EMI music for 5 years and has also worked with Sony music. This period saw him compose, produce, and release music under his own projects Lemonada, mixing and compiling the prestigious Ministry of Sound compilation, as well as remixing for numerous other artists including Shakira.


Nada has been with Mindloop for over 3 years and she is in charge of client services, managing VO’s and enquires. Whether you want to book the studio, need a quotation or have a general query, Nada is there always ready to be responsive promptly and professionally for any need our clients require.


Jawad has been with Mindloop for 5 years delivering quality compositions and recordings. A veteran and devoted multitalented musician, Jawad constantly delivers innovative productions and is noted as one of the best in the field.


Coming from a music business background and regarded in the music industry as a guru. Richard brings in his wealth of knowledge in helping to set up our new music services department and will be assisting our clients in getting Artist brand associations, sponsorship and clearing music synchronization films, TV, radio, online.